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Climate throughout Castile and León is predominantly a continentalized Mediterranean climate throughout, there are distinctive climatic regions.



Las-Medulas in Leon, Large, jagged, red rocks jut up through the green carpeting of the hills in the province

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Travel Spain - Visiting Las Medulas in Leon

Take a tour of Las Médulas in Leon, Spain -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

Large, jagged, red rocks jut up through the green carpeting of the hills in the province of Leon, Spain.

These formations, appearing like the shattered foundations of some monumental ruin of a building, mark the site of Las Medulas.

This amazing part of the world was once an important part of the Romans' gold mining operations.

The method that the Romans used to extract the gold was remarkable; they actually carved through the mountains with water.

By diverting water channels and using massive aqueducts, they forcibly eroded the stone, exposing veins of gold, and then harvested the gold from the water.

The wonder of Las Medulas comes from the rugged beauty of the land, combined with the awe of Roman ingenuity and power

Castile and León (Spanish: Castilla y León), known formally as the Community of Castile and León, is one of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain. It was constructed from Old Castile (Spanish: Castilla la Vieja) and León in 1983. This region is the largest in Spain, covering an area of 94,223 km² with an official population of around 2.5 million (2005).

Road communications

The region is the land communication hub of northern Spain. It is crossed by the International E-roads E80 and E05. These are the main roads connections between Portugal and the south of Spain with the rest of Europe.

Castile and León is also crossed by two major ancient routes:

  • The Way of St. James (Spanish: Camino de Santiago), now a hiking trail and a motorway, from east to west.
  • The Roman Silver Way (Spanish: Vía de la Plata), now a main road, through the west of the region.


The last years have seen a big improvement in accessibility from the rest of  Europe, mainly through the operations of low-cost airlines at the airport of Villanubla (Valladolid). There are three other airports in Castile and León: León, Salamanca, and Burgos. The main airport of the neighbouring region of Madrid (Barajas) is close as well, if not yet with a direct communication through public transportation.

Although the climate throughout Castile and León is predominantly a continentalized Mediterranean climate throughout, there are distinctive climatic regions.

In the north, Castile and León includes the southern face of the Cantabrian Mountains; the northern slope, facing the Atlantic, falls within other provinces. The highest portion of the Cantabrian Mountains in Castile and León experiences the oceanic climate from the Atlantic, with milder winters (at least relative to the altitude) and more temperate summers. The lower slopes of the same range share these temperate summers, but have the colder winters more typical of the Meseta.

Nearly all of the central portion of the Meseta has the continentalized Mediterranean climate discussed above, although the eastern part of Zamora has a much drier climate.

The mountainous regions of the northeast, east, and south have a typical Mediterranean mountain climate, with little rain, hot summers, and cold winters.

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